Food For Thought

If you live in Melbourne you are already bound to know that you a part of the most liveable city in the world. As you may have been for the past 5 years! You also may know and have realised Melbourne culture is quite diverse and also part of the not so new health conscious craze. If you are up to date with the food and entertainment in this city you’d understand that everything is health conscious which in a way is not such a bad thing! 

With a country that has almost 2 in 3 Australian adults overweight or obese this is one of the pros of the health conscious trend. Social networks are filled with colourful and engaging photography of Sunday brunches that consist of fruitful smoothie bowls and smashed avo dishes that adds to the decisions of what we agree to put into our bodies. Last week I conducted a photoshoot that valued the fundamentals of eating. My overall objective was to remind people of the food pyramid which is a “thing” we learnt back in primary school believe it or not and to remind viewers of not only the importance but the structure of it. The colours and minimal amount of objects used within the shoot help the viewers to be engaged and re-intrigued with the structure and the elements involved. 

So as the health conscious trend is growing make sure you remind yourself of a little thing called the food pyramid.  



Structure VS Spontaneity

I've always been a pretty structured person when it comes to getting things done, whether it be business or personal. I enjoy routine and a structured way of living yet I do also enjoy not being woken by an alarm in the morning from time to time. As a third year communication design student I can only help but have a very structured week. Studying design full time has made me understand that time management is an essential key to being a successful designer. (Otherwise you’ll end up looking like my photoshoot reference)

Having been lucky enough to be able to experience working in a design studio culture the past couple of months has also refined my thoughts around time management and how it structures everyones lives. Deadlines and key times and events in the day structure our lives and routine, without them we’d be all over the place, lets face it. 

I also tend to manifest these things within my personal life, without it i’d be lost. From when I brush my teeth to when I go out for drinks is all planned, and planned ahead of time. Why? Because for me it leads my day or night into less of a rushed and frustrated schedule. Spontaneity is still part of my actions, through design and my personal life. Without it life is dull. But too much can lead you into a non directional pool of nothing. 

21 and 9 months

Ideally 21 is the age to be. Not only for the year of free finger food and bar tabs, well so they say. (Although I enjoyed every bit of it)

Although the lingering thought of "it's all down hill after 21" kind of put me off. I decided today as a 21 and 9 month young woman that it was time to start writing about my after 21 thoughts. If its all downhill why not document it, why don't we see where it does go downhill. I would love to prove this as a myth as I'm sure all 21 year olds would.

I don't see where that saying would come from. Possibly the people that kept constantly telling us, had a bad experience or just got out of a relationship. Who knows. I see most people getting out of relationships and not knowing what to do with themselves. They are stunted. Their minds and souls just don't know how to be independent anymore.

Well, it made mind less of a narrow framework and I suddenly wanted to explode with the amount of experiences I was not only seeing, but feeling. My communication skills sky rocketed as I knew more about what I could do, rather than what I didn't have. 

As an aspiring designer I was thankful my mindset was back.