21 and 9 months

Ideally 21 is the age to be. Not only for the year of free finger food and bar tabs, well so they say. (Although I enjoyed every bit of it)

Although the lingering thought of "it's all down hill after 21" kind of put me off. I decided today as a 21 and 9 month young woman that it was time to start writing about my after 21 thoughts. If its all downhill why not document it, why don't we see where it does go downhill. I would love to prove this as a myth as I'm sure all 21 year olds would.

I don't see where that saying would come from. Possibly the people that kept constantly telling us, had a bad experience or just got out of a relationship. Who knows. I see most people getting out of relationships and not knowing what to do with themselves. They are stunted. Their minds and souls just don't know how to be independent anymore.

Well, it made mind less of a narrow framework and I suddenly wanted to explode with the amount of experiences I was not only seeing, but feeling. My communication skills sky rocketed as I knew more about what I could do, rather than what I didn't have. 

As an aspiring designer I was thankful my mindset was back.